Fake niece scams North Battleford resident out of $1,000

North Battleford RCMP are warning the public after a city resident fell victim to the so-called "grandparent scam" — and lost around $1,000.

RCMP warning public about common type of phone fraud

North Battleford RCMP are investigating after a city resident fell victim to the so-called "grandparent scam' — and lost around $1,000.

It's a common type of fraud where victims are contacted by people pretending to be a grandchild or other relative.

Typically, the fraudster says he or she needs to make bail or is in some other kind of trouble and needs money right away.

In this most recent case, reported to the RCMP on Friday, the suspect claimed to be a niece of the person answering the phone.

She told the victim she was in some kind of legal trouble and needed cash. The victim was convinced to send around $1,000, Sgt. Neil Tremblay said.

Unfortunately, it was done by wire transfer, which is difficult to trace, Tremblay said.

The victim realized soon afterward that a fraud had been committed and complained to the police, he said.

Don't feel embarrassed, RCMP says

In these cases, some victims might feel embarrassed to come forward, but they shouldn't be, he said.

"These people are very, very good at what they do," Tremblay said.  

Anyone who gets such a call should report such incidents immediately to the nearest police detachment, he said.


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