The operator of Regina's Evraz Place is developing a plan to better deal with the next bout of extreme weather for Mosaic Stadium goers.

Regina Exhibition Association Limited says it's looking at best practices at other stadiums and event venues, in the wake of some extreme temperatures in the city at the end of July.  

Paula Kohl, director of communications for REAL, said they want to find out what other venues consider to be extreme temperatures and how they inform their guests about how to have a safe experience.

"It's the early stages of that but we are looking at what some of the other facilities are doing," she said. 

Mosaic Stadium

The stadium has one fountain for every 8,250 people, if at full capacity. (Glenn Reid/CBC)

On July 29, temperatures reached 32 C during a Saskatchewan Roughriders game at the stadium. 

During the game, paramedics attended to 21 instances of heat-related complaints and two required transport to hospital.

There was outrage from numerous attendees due to massive lineups at the few water fountains in the new stadium. It has four water fountains for a capacity of 33,000 people. 

Kohl said they're also looking at how many water fountains other venues have, as well as the possibility of bringing in refillable water stations. 

For reference, the similarly-sized Investors Group Field in Winnipeg has six fountains plus four refillable water stations. Rogers Centre in Toronto has 12 fountains for a capacity of 53,000.

In the meantime, Kohl is reminding people to come prepared, and seek shade if they need it.  

She said visitors are allowed to bring sealed plastic water bottles or empty refillable containers up to one litre in size.

Kohl suggested people can also duck into Harvard's Studio 620 Lounge on the western main concourse for a blast of air conditioning.