Saskatoon has 1,452 kilometres of sidewalks, including some 40 kilometres of pavement that look like the section on the left. (City of Saskatoon)

Saskatoon should spend an additional $2.4 million a year to prevent its sidewalks from crumbling, a report from the city administration says.

According to the report that went to the city's executive committee this week, the city puts $350,000 into its sidewalk repair fund, which is enough to fix 2.3 kilometres of sidewalk a year.

However, there are about 1,452 kilometres of sidewalk within city limits.

While most of that pavement is in good shape, about 40 kilometres are considered to be in poor or very poor condition.

There's a $9.3 million backlog of sidewalk repairs and unless more money is added, the situation is expected to grow worse over time, the report said.

"At this service level, the current backlog would grow and the overall condition of the network would deteriorate," the report says.

City staff recommend that the amount put into sidewalk repair should be increased to $2.7 million per year.

The report will go to the next regular meeting of city council.