A Regina man who was ticketed for running an extension cord across a sidewalk for his car's block heater is calling for a city bylaw to be changed.

Bob Klassen was fined $60 last week over the cord that runs across the sidewalk in front of his house.

According to a city bylaw, it's a safety hazard and has to be removed.

However, Klassen said he takes precautions to make the cord safer: it is thin and bright yellow and he keeps the sidewalk cleared of snow.

Many people like Klassen who don't have big garages have no choice but to plug in, he said.

Klassen has a short driveway, but that space is used by his wife's car.

He said he's going to fight the ticket.

"I'm going to dispute it on the basis that it is an inappropriate law for Saskatchewan and it was unjustly applied," he said.

"My neighbour right next to me had the same infraction going on but was not ticketed the same day at the same time."

In addition to disputing the ticket, Klassen is preparing an argument to take to City Hall.

He said he'd like to reach a compromise that ensures the safety of those using the sidewalks, but allows people like him to cope with the winter weather.