Wascana Centre Authority CEO Bernadette McIntyre says people may notice more litter and weeds in the park, due to budget cuts. ((CBC))

The head of Regina's Wascana Park authority says the grounds may see more litter and weeds this summer, due to budget cuts.

"What you may see is, mostly around the main lake, that we don't get the opportunity to clean the trails as often," Bernadette McIntyre, the chief executive officer of the park authority, told CBC News Tuesday. "The grass may look a little longer than you think before we have somebody available to cut it.  And you may see a few more dandelions."

McIntyre explained that the park experienced a funding cut of ten per cent, by the provincial government.

She said that translates to nine fewer seasonal workers hired for summer maintenance work.

Security in the park is also affected. McIntyre said one full-time special constable has been dropped from their spending plans.


Many people enjoy the grounds of Wascana Park in Regina. ((CBC))

McIntyre says security in the park will still be maintained by the Wascana Centre Police and added they may call upon the Regina Police Service for additional patrols.

Fees for holding outdoor events in the park are also being hiked.

Wascana Park is 2,300 acres of green space and covers areas around the provincial legislature, the arts centre and the University of Regina.

In the summer season, about 120 employees work to maintain the grounds.