The chair of the board of governors at the University of Saskatchewan says it is unlikely administrators will have to face a pay cut, even a symbolic reduction, as the school deals with a funding shortfall.

The university has warned that it must find savings — or increased revenues — to the tune of $44 million.

However, salaries for top administrators are not on the table.


'It's something that we would do only if we thought it advanced the strategic interests of the university.' —Nancy Hopkins, chair of board of governors

Nancy Hopkins says the institution needs talented leaders.

"We wouldn't absolutely say never, I don't believe in saying never," Hopkins said Tuesday when asked about reductions for senior administrators. "It's something that we would do only if we thought it advanced the strategic interests of the university."

Hopkins said even a symbolic cut could prove to be a disincentive to motivate leaders at the university.

She added that any program cuts would only be applied to areas the university could do without.

The president of the U of S, Ilene Busch-Vishniac makes $400,000 per year and lives rent-free in a large house on campus.


University of Saskatchewan president Ilene Busch-Vishniac, who makes $400,000 per year, will not have to take a pay cut, according to the chair of the school's board of governors. (CBC)

When asked on  Monday about her salary, Busch-Vishniac declined to comment.

"I will not be speaking about the compensation of senior executives," she said.

Sandy Ervin, an anthropology professor at the university, suggested Monday that senior administrators should take a voluntary ten per cent pay cut.

"If they're going to be downloading the cuts on us, working people at the university, they should be willing to take some sort of symbolic cut themselves," he said, adding if administrators take a ten per cent pay cut, he would too.