Four Saskatchewan youths are enjoying a bit of recognition for some of their exceptional accomplishments.

The teens have shown a remarkable capacity to contribute to their community and be high achievers in academics, sports and more.

The four were invited to a ceremony in Regina Tuesday where they were presented with Junior Citizenship honours by Saskatchewan's Lieutenant-Governor.

"Everyone in my life has been positive influence," Nolan Benesh, 18, one of the honour recipients, told CBC News. "They've encouraged positive behaviour [and] put me in volunteer positions when I was very young."

Benesh was noted for, among other things, his skill at baseball and his contribution as a musician to the Best Buddies Blues Band, a group of intellectually challenged adults.

Like Benesh, Jae Won Hur, also 18, is a high-achieving student athlete. He swims with the Regina Dolphins and also plays music and excels in academics.

"Ever since I was little, [folks] put me in a lot of activities for me to be well rounded person," he said.

Also honoured on Tuesday were Kalee Wedhorn, 15, from Moose Jaw and Stacie Poirier, 17, from Antler, Saskatchewan.

Each of the award winners receives $3,000 to further their education.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil