A former Regina police officer who kicked an intoxicated man in the stomach, causing him to fall and injure himself, is to be sentenced this afternoon.

Robert K. Power, 41, was fired from the Regina Police Service last year. A provincial court judge found him guilty of assault causing bodily harm.

The victim was a 48-year-old man who got into a dispute with the officer at a detox shelter nearly two years ago.

Power told court that the man said he wanted to fight and started to walk toward him.

Power kicked the man in the front, sending him sprawling to the ground, where he hit his head.

There was some blood and the man had to be taken to hospital for treatment. He was released the same night.

Power originally told the police service he only pushed the man with his hand, but when confronted with surveillance video, he admitted he kicked him.

Judge Doug Kovatch said Power used unreasonable force and should have done something else, such as putting up his arms to block the man or simply stepping aside.