Laura Lehne, pictured here in March, has dropped lawsuits against the RCMP and her former supervisor following an out-of-court settlement. ((CBC))

A former RCMP officer whose sexual harassment case against her former supervisor was mishandled by the police force has decided to drop her legal action following an out-of-court settlement.

An internal investigation determined that Laura Lehne’s allegations, first made in 2004, were legitimate, but paperwork related to the complaint was submitted one month after a deadline by Darrell McFadyen, head of the RCMP in Saskatchewan at the time.

An RCMP board of inquiry threw the case out on March 18, 2009, after determining it had taken too long to wind its way through the complaints process. Lehne's former supervisor, Corp. Tim Korman, was not disciplined and returned to his duties at the RCMP detachment in Rosthern, Sask., 65 kilometres north of Saskatoon, where he continues to serve.

'I was just wanting to … put this nightmare behind me —Laura Lehne

Korman was already eligible for promotion and was made a sergeant six weeks after the harassment case was dismissed.

Lehne had earlier filed a lawsuit against Korman and the RCMP, as well as a human rights complaint. But she told CBC News on Monday that she has dropped those cases following a settlement for an undisclosed amount of money.

"I was just wanting to get on with my life and put this nightmare behind me," Lehne said.

Lehne said the settlement, signed June 2, included an agreement that she resign from the force. She quit the same day.

Lehne had already been on leave without pay from the RCMP. She said the force had written her a letter, urging her to return, but she decided to move on.

"After what I've been through in the last four years, I'd just rather not," she said. "I couldn't work for them, knowing they'd promoted and rewarded [Korman] for that behaviour."

The RCMP last week told CBC News the police force was changing procedures to ensure the kinds of delays to internal complaints would not happen again.