Enrolment up in most Sask. school divisions

Figures from the province's Ministry of Education show that enrolment is up for most school divisions in Saskatchewan.
Enrolment is up for most school divisions in Saskatchewan, David Shield reports. 1:57

Figures from the province's Ministry of Education show that enrolment is up for most school divisions in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatoon Catholic school system noted the largest increase over the past few years. With a 7.2 per cent jump a year ago and another jump of 3.3 per cent, expected this year.

Final numbers for this school year are expected at the end of September.

The Saskatoon public system is the largest school division in the province. That division saw a 5.36 per cent increase two years ago to last year. It too is projected to see a 3.3 per cent increase this year.

In some cases, the extra bodies have forced schools to be innovative with their use of space.

At Saskatoon's John G. Egnatoff school, the band class has moved to the gymnasium and a portion of the library has been taken over by a grade five class.

The principal is hoping two new portables, expected to be ready in late October, will help.

"We've got some very flexible parents that have been outstanding," Principal Harold Robertson said of a community that has shown patience with the space issue.

Ray Morrison, from the public school board, told CBC News that Saskatoon will soon need more schools, especially in growing neighbourhoods.

"Certainly Hampton Village, Stonebridge and Rosewood, are all neighbourhoods that are burgeoning and blossoming," Morrison said. "We're going to be needing almost one a year for the next six years."

In Regina, ministry numbers show modest increases in enrolment in that city's public school system.

The Regina Catholic system, however, is projecting 300 more students this year.

"We're seeing a massive influx of students," Noah Wernikowski, from the Regina Catholic division, told CBC News. "In the last five years, you'll probably average growth of just over 250 students. So, to put that into perspective, we're seeing a small elementary school join our division each year."

The Regina Catholic system is facing space pressures at its French immersion programs at St. Angela and St. Bernadette.


  • A previous version of the story compared enrolment figures for this year to last year, but the figures looked at enrolment numbers for last year, compared to two years ago and looked at projections for this year.
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