Rowatt pumping station just outside Regina where Enbridge officials say about 125 barrels of crude oil spilled Saturday. (Joana Draghici/CBC)

Enbridge Inc. says it has restarted the Alberta Clipper pipeline after is it was shut down briefly due to an oil spill in southern Saskatchewan.

The leak happened at the Rowatt Station just south of Regina on Saturday just before 11 a.m. CST. 

It's estimated that about 125 barrels were released from the pumping station. 

The shut-down pipeline usually produces about 449,000 barrels per day. 

The company said most of the crude oil was contained to the grounds of Rowatt Station, but high winds sprayed some of the oil onto a nearby farm field. 

Provincial officials including emergency response crews were notified, Enbridge said. 

"There is no impact to the public, wildlife or waterways," the company said in a statement released Saturday. 

The cause of the spill has not yet been determined, and is under investigation. 

The National Energy Board is also responding to the spill. An emergency response team is at the site to monitor and assess the company's immediate response.