Regina's recycling program is still playing catch-up after construction delays have forced a mass pile-up at the facility that processes the materials. 

The curbside blue bin program started in July, but the Emterra facility was not operating. 

So, despite a strong start from residents, with the amount of items being collected each month adding up to the weight of about 1,000 small cars, cubes of recycling material were stockpiled for nearly two months. 

Construction setbacks last winter prevented the facility from starting when planned.  

Back in June the city said Emterra would be ready to process materials in about two months.

The company actually began two weeks earlier than that, but it's still working to sort recyclables collected over the summer months. 

"Both things combined, in terms of equipment and people, that productivity is going up every single day," said Paulina Leung, the business development manager at Emterra. 

"How much we process this week is going to be better than last week, and we're still doing a lot of fine-tuning." 

Emterra is double-staffing to deal with the workload. The company is hoping to have the pile cleared up soon. It's planning to start giving tours of the new facility at the end of the month.