The town of Kindersley has declared a local state of emergency over a landfill fire that started Monday and is still burning.

The fire broke out at the west end of the town's landfill at 8:40 p.m. and council declared an emergency on Tuesday afternoon.

Since it started, crews have been building firewalls and berms and dousing portions of the fire with water and fire suppression foam.

The fire is burning within a contained area, but the town is concerned a change in wind direction could cause it to spread past the barriers.

Declaration of a local state of emergency allows the town to take emergency measures and allows it to apply for provincial assistance.

The cause of the fire in under investigation. It's expected to burn for several days.

There's a lot of smoke and the town is advising people who live within a kilometre of the fire to stay in their homes or relocate.
People in the area are being advised to keep their windows closed and take precautions to limit exposure to smoke inhalation.