SaskPower employee Barb Gilby demonstrates how a device can help consumers monitor the electricity use of individual home appliances. ((CBC))

Saskatchewan's government-owned electricity company, SaskPower, is offering consumers a discount price for a gadget that could lead to savings on monthly utility bills.

Power-monitoring machines attach to a customer's utility meter and relay information about usage whenever an appliance is turned on.

The device is able to determine, to the penny, how much electricity is being used for such appliances as the oven.

Barb Gilby, a SaskPower employee, had one installed in her Regina home to see how the device performs.

"When I turn on my dryer, it uses about 40 cents an hour," Gilby said as she described the information she can get from the device. "When I use my air-conditioner, it's about 20, 25 cents an hour. Pot lights are about two cents an hour. So, I really can get a good understanding of how I use power in my home."

Normally, the device costs $99. SaskPower is offering a $30 rebate to anyone who purchases the monitor in the next month.