Members of the Moosomin First Nation will elect a new chief early next year, following a vote-buying scandal that led to the removal of the current chief from office.

In a news release issued Thursday the First Nation said it will operate with one of its council members, Brad Swiftwolfe, assuming the role of chairman of the council for the time being.

Band elections take place every two years, with the next vote set for January of 2013.

The band said the work of the council will continue with those elected, minus the chief, in 2011.

Complaints about the 2011 election arose shortly after Elliott Kahpeaysewat won the vote.

An investigation by federal authorities confirmed allegations that he was buying votes. According to officials, he was paying between $20 and $50 for each vote in his favour.

The band's news release confirmed that Kahpeaysewat had been removed from office and noted that the band's administration and operations were still functioning as they have been.

"We wish to reassure our membership and our community that we will continue to provide programs and services within the scope of our funding arrangements," Swiftwolfe said in the release. "[The] Moosomin First Nation will continue to conduct business in a manner that upholds the integrity of our First Nation despite this recent event."

The reserve is north of the Battlefords.