The Métis Nation of Saskatchewan was supposed to hold elections on May 30 for president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, as well as 12 area directors, but that date is now off.

The Métis Nation of Saskatchewan election that was scheduled for May 30 has been suspended.

MNS president Robert Doucette announced Wednesday that as a result of a court decision, the election to choose the next leader can't proceed as planned.

"An application was made before the Court of Queen's Bench for confirmation that the election date was properly set," Doucette said in a letter posted on the organization's website.

"The Court made its determination on procedural grounds that no other parties were served with the application. At present, the only manner in which this problem can be resolved is to suspend the election."

Doucette said the next step is for the Provincial Métis Council to set a date for a Métis Nation Legislative Assembly, which in turn will restart the election process.

President, vice-president, secretary and treasurer will be up for election, as well as 12 area directors.

It's not known when the next election will be held.