Eastend and Ravenscrag map

The tractor that killed two boys crashed near Ravencrag, which is about 32 kilometres west of Eastend. (Google Maps)

People in the town of Eastend, Sask., are grieving the loss of two young brothers who died in a tractor accident earlier this week.

The boys, 16 and 10 years old, were travelling on a gravel road near Ravenscrag in the province's southwest when the vehicle, which was hauling a baler, entered a steep ditch.

They were both ejected from the tractor and were found dead at the scene, the RCMP said.
The same family lost another son a few years ago in an ATV accident, CBC has been told. 

Alan Howard, the mayor of Eastend, population 527, has known the family for years. The whole community is in shock, he said.

"Unbelief, beyond tragic, just devastated," he said. "I mean, any of those words that you can think of ... it's a shock."    

The boys were active members of the community, he said.

"Outgoing, involved, on all the different sports teams that interest them, involved in other committees at the school. Just all around great young citizens," he said. 

The local school has offered counselling services for the boys' classmates who are mourning.
There is no set date for the funeral.