Puppies in North Battleford

Five puppies are safe and warm after being rescued from a dumpster on Feb. 14. The Battleford's Humane Society is seeking homes for the five, all of which are female and believed to be lab-shepherd mixes. (Facebook)

Homes are being sought for five puppies that were found in a dumpster in the North Battleford area on Valentine's Day.

Battleford's Humane Society said the five, all female and apparently lab-shepherd mixes, were taken to the shelter and had their health checked out by a vet.

They're too young to be adopted now, but the shelter says it hopes to find permanent homes for the five in about five weeks.

The Humane Society asked people on its Facebook page to come up with names for the abandoned pups. Cherub, Amora, Truffles, Valentine, and Cupid were the winning selections.