A sniffer dog is part of the search team at the Saskatoon landfill where police are looking for the body of a dead child. ((CBC))

Police in Saskatoon spent a second day combing a large section of the city dump for the remains of newborn baby girl they believe were thrown into the garbage around Thanksgiving.

The search, which entered its second day Tuesday, is focused on an area about the size of a football field filled with garbage that is about two metres deep.

"We're realizing today that once we had a chance to get out there and get into action yesterday, that this is going to be slow," Alyson Edwards, a spokeswoman for Saskatoon police, said Tuesday. "It's going to be difficult and complicated. And we have to be very methodical about it at the same time."

According to police, a 17-year-old girl gave birth over the Thanksgiving weekend and put the deceased infant's body in the trash.

Police added they are investigating how the newborn died and are hoping to get more information from the public.

"There is the possibility that we may not find this baby's body," Edwards said. "If that were the case, we would need as much information outside of finding that body — outside of the scientific information that would come from the remains — to be able to proceed with the investigation."

Police said their search, which includes a specially trained sniffer dog, will last all week.