Some Saskatchewan contractors are grappling with what they say is a drywall shortage.

Among them is Saskatoon drywaller Brett Woodward, who says since August, the boards he uses for interior walls and ceilings have been harder to come by.

It's not a total drywall drought, but shipments that should arrive in a couple of days are now taking a week, Woodward says.

"You need to have a lot of houses lined up so that you're not losing weeks," he said. "Can't afford to lose weeks, right? You've got bills to pay."

Do-it-yourselfers are being affected too. According to Brian Shortt, construction manager at Saskatoon's Co-op Home Centre, there have been some delays in shipments.

"We've had back-order problems on particular loads," Shortt said.

Nobody's sure what is behind this shortage, although drywall factories have been ramping down production recently, due to the state of the U.S. economy.