Driver charged after tall truck knocks out Regina power lines

Regina police have charged a semi-truck driver with a tall load, who allegedly knocked out a number of power lines while driving through a residential neighbourhood.

Man, 32, had tried to use GPS to find his way around city

Regina police have laid two charges against a semi-truck driver with a tall load who allegedly knocked out a number of power lines while driving through a residential neighbourhood.

Police said a power pole, wires and a transformer were pulled down, leaving a number of North Central residents in the dark for hours Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

SaskPower said Tuesday morning it was making repairs and hoped to be done by the noon hour. SaskTel crews were also busy on 4th Avenue.

Trying to avoid underpasses

According to police, the damage happened after a semi was on its way through Regina with a large load that exceeded the normal height limit.

After the wires came down, the driver, a 32-year-old man, remained at the scene.

Police were told that in an effort to avoid underpasses, the driver had used GPS to find an alternate route that took him into the residential neighbourhood.

When the accident happened, police received several calls and crews from SaskPower, the City of Regina, the Regina Fire Department and EMS were called in.

No one was injured, but extensive repairs were required, the police said.

Fourth Avenue from Elphinstone Street to Cameron Street had to be closed.

SaskPower assisted with lifting power lines so the semi-truck could get free.

The driver has been charged with driving without due care and attention and driving off a heavy vehicle route.


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