There's often a lot of traffic heading in and out of this Tim Horton's on Cumberland Avenue. (Google Street View)

Concerns about traffic snarls caused by drive-thru restaurants continue in Saskatoon.

On Monday, city council considered a report about a Tim Horton's coffee shop on Cumberland Avenue that's been called the busiest in Canada.

The coffee shop is close to the intersection with 8th Street, which sees 32,000 vehicles per day. Some mornings traffic is so congested, cars have trouble getting out of the drive-thru lanes, the city says.

Last year, that particular Tim's doubled one of its exit lanes, and the city is now evaluating how that's working out.

But one councillor, Ward 10's Bev Dubois, raised the issue of a potential ban on drive-thrus.

She asked the administration to check if a study on this has ever been done.

"Every single one of us, in all over our wards, we have trouble with drive-thrus," Dubois said.

Dubois later backtracked somewhat, saying she doesn't want to ban drive-thrus.

Ward 2 Coun. Pat Lorje said her main concern is that the city shouldn't get saddled with extra costs as a result of drive-thru traffic problems.

"I've never understood why people can't make their own coffee at home," she said.

Another councillor, Ward 6's Charlie Clark, said he wouldn't support an all-out ban.