An off-duty incident involving drinking is behind a Saskatchewan RCMP officer's being stripped of an order of merit.

Sgt. Warren Gherasim, currently stationed in Warman, Sask., lost the Order of Merit of the Police Forces in March, for what is being characterized by officials as disgraceful conduct.

It relates to an incident in 2006 when Gherasim and a fellow police officer, both off-duty at the time, were enjoying an evening of drinks at a golf club in the Cutknife area.

There was more drinking at a house, and then Gherasim decided to drive himself home.

On the way, he crashed and rolled his vehicle on a local road.

Gherasim suffered a concussion in the crash.

He was not charged but an internal review was done after he admitted he had been drinking on the night in question.

Gherasim was then suspended for eight days without pay.

The decision on the order of merit took place in March, 2010.

Sgt. Carole Raymond, a spokeswoman for the RCMP, said Gherasim is on the job, with no loss in rank, in Warman.