The owner of Showgirls in Saskatoon says he has not yet decided what will happen with the strip bar, now that he has lost his final court battle.

The bar had asked for permission from the Supreme Court of Canada to appeal a lower court ruling that upheld a provincial law banning stripping in bars. The country's highest court rejected the application on Thursday.

For the past four years, club owner Cory Thompson has been been trying to legalize exotic dancing in places where alcohol is served. He says he's frustrated by what he calls the contradictory attitude of the province.

"They'll let you go to a video store, buy XXX video, no problem," says Thompson. " It would be nice to see this province snap out of the dark ages, but at this moment, I can't see it happening."

Thompson says a final performance will be held at Showgirls on the weekend. After that, he'll lay off the 50 people who work at the night club.

According to Thompson's lawyer, Saskatchewan is the only jurisdiction in North America that bans exotic dancing in bars.