Among the many fans of Weston Dressler excited that the football player is rejoining the Saskatchewan Roughriders perhaps none are more thrilled than his family, in Bismarck, N.D.

"We're back!" Rick Dressler, Weston's father, exclaimed in an interview with CBC News Thursday after it was announced the club had signed Dressler, who had recently been cut from the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL.

Dressler also provided a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes activity that preceded his son's decision to return to Regina.

"He was getting calls from players on other teams," he said. "I think that shows the respect that he earned."

'He loves it. That's why he's coming back.' - Rick Dressler

While his son considered his options, with his family, the father had a clear preference: Saskatchewan.

"We were all together on Tuesday evening at our house here in Bismarck," he explained. "It was really cool that he wanted our input. He knew what we were all thinking. I mean, I was sitting there with a Saskatchewan shirt on."

He said his son's decision was heavily influenced by the positive experiences he had with the Roughriders through six seasons in Regina.

"He loves it. That's why he's coming back there," Dressler said. "I'm not sure how much money it would have taken him not to come to Regina, because — truth be told — he was coming there all along."

Regina is 'home'

He said the fans have been so supportive that the whole family feels as if Regina is home to them all.

"That's his home. That's our home," he said. "Saskatchewan fans and the Roughrider organization has been so good to him for the last six years."

He added that even when his son left the team for the NFL the Roughriders and the fans were with him.

"When he left he knew he had a whole a province on his side," he said. "He knew what he had to come back to and what he had waiting for him, which made the whole thing a lot easier for him."

As of Thursday, it was not known for sure if Dressler would play in the Roughriders' next game, the Labour Day classic against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Sunday.  

But no matter for Rick Dressler who is scouring the internet looking for tickets for the game.

"This is really exciting, we just can't wait to get up there," he said. "Our biggest problem is getting tickets. We got so many family members. I don't if Weston is going to be able to be able to round up a few tickets, [but] we'll get in the door one way or another."