Dozens of crashes reported in Saskatoon

After a night of freezing rain and snow in Saskatoon, drivers are being warned to stay off many highways in the area.
Streets were clogged with snow in Saskatoon near the corner of 21st Street and 3rd Avenue South. (Jennifer Quesnel/CBC)

There have been more than two dozen crashes in Saskatoon after a night of freezing rain and snow.

 After the province's largest city was walloped by winter overnight, drivers were also being warned to stay off many of the highways in the area on Friday.

The Highways Department said travel was not recommended on Highway 11 south of the city or Highway 16, heading toward North Battleford.

Icy and slippery sections with loose and swirling snow and reduced visibility were reported on many roads in the area.

Between 6 p.m. Thursday, and mid-morning on Friday, police responded to 25 collisions, four involving injuries.

For a while, visibility was zero around Kenaston on Highway 11, the Highways Hotline said.

Weather and road conditions may have been a factor in a vehicle rollover last night on Highway 15 near Outlook, the RCMP reported.

More snow is expected throughout the day.

Saskatoon's MD Ambulance was advising people not to be in any hurry to shovel their snow, noting that every year several people die after overexerting themselves.

Snow was falling in Saskatoon Friday morning following a night of freezing rain, making travel difficult for some motorists. (Dan Kerslake/CBC)