A new bus stop in downtown Regina is angering some store and restaurant owners who say the move is only making it harder for customers to park in the area.

Four metered parking spaces near the old City Hall have been removed to make way for a bus stop.

"[It] appears to be that's there no parking already," James Taylor, from Beer Bros. Restaurant, told CBC News Thursday, "And now you're taking away the only parking that was available."

An official from Regina's transit department, however, notes that increased bus service to downtown, including another stop, can do more for businesses than a few parking spots.

"You're looking at 40 people per bus that can be brought into the downtown," Nathan Luhning, a city official, said.

Some merchants also expressed concern that the City Hall Mall would become a warm-up spot for people in the winter.

The city said it will consider installing a bus shelter.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil