Brad Wall included an old photograph of him with a moustache, on his donation page. The premier of Saskatchewan is promising to "grow a mo" if he raises $3,000 by Nov. 1. (Movember.com)

Less than a day after challenging people to donate for prostate cancer research, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is attracting the attention of people who want to see him in a Movember moustache.

By mid-day Saturday, Wall was already two-thirds of the way to his goal of raising $3,000. If pledges reach the target amount, Wall has promised to grow a moustache in November.

He said he had been keen to participate in the past, but that advisors told him a moustache wasn't a good look.

"The staff just thought that would be terrible," Wall said Friday. "They'd seen pictures of me in a moustache from back in the day and they were pretty convinced this was not a good idea."

"I hope you will help me ignore their advice and cruel comments," Wall wrote on his donation page. "If I raise $3,000 before November 1, I will grow the mo."

Wall said that if he does, people may not be impressed.

"Maybe it does look dumb. They should realize, especially men over forty, what is actually dumber is not getting tested," he said, referring to the importance of prostate testing.