Warning: This story contains images and content that some people may find disturbing. 

An SPCA in Saskatchewan is hoping to learn what happened to two dogs that were discovered frozen solid inside a garbage bag on Saturday. 

The Prince Albert SPCA says a woman called the animal shelter after she found a garbage bag on Davis Road with two paws protruding from it. 

The woman opened the bag and discovered the frozen remains of the two dogs.

Ariane Gervais, an animal care attendant at the SPCA, said the woman who discovered the dogs was very shaken up, but they persuaded her to bring them in. 

"They were completely frozen, so we couldn't really check them out properly," Gervais told CBC News Saturday afternoon. "There was blood on them — obviously there was injuries —  but we're not exactly sure what happened."

'It's gross what people are capable of.' - Ariane Gervais, SPCA animal care attendant

One dog, a female, is larger in size and mostly black with some white on her chest.

The other dog, a brown and black male, had a large, bloody head wound. The shelter believes both dogs were young, possibly puppies, but because of their condition care workers were not able to check their teeth. 

"It's disgusting," Gervais said of the condition of the dogs. "You never get used to that kind of stuff. It's gross what people are capable of."

Gervais said the dogs were not micro-chipped, and there were no matches in the shelter's records of missing pets, so the shelter is looking for the owners. They also hope anyone with any information on the incident will come forward. 

As for the dogs, the SPCA plans to cremate them and spread their ashes in the spring. 

"[It will] give them a good, nice ending," Gervais said.

Warning: graphic photo 

Frozen Dog in Prince Albert - SPCA

One of the two dogs a woman brought in to the SPCA after she found them frozen in a garbage bag outside Prince Albert, Sask., on Saturday. The shelter hopes to learn the identity of the owners. (Prince Albert SPCA/Facebook)