FILM Corner Gas 20140716

Brent Butt waves to fans passing by outside the Ruby Cafe, one of numerous Corner Gas sets in Rouleau, Sask. (Michael Bell/The Canadian Press)

Rouleau, Sask., is bidding farewell to the Corner Gas movie production with a celebration through the weekend honouring the town's fictional role as Dog River, the small town that — according to the show — "is 40 kilometres from nowhere". (In real life, Rouleau is about 34 kilometres, as the crow flies, southwest of Regina.)

"It's kind of like the perfect icing on the cake," Robin Silver, organizer of Dog River Days, told CBC News Friday. "They've been here, they shot their TV show, they came back and they just wrapped up the movie. I think this is just a way for everyone to celebrate."

One of the featured events will take place Saturday, starting at 4 p.m., when people are invited to gather on Main Street for filming of the closing credits for the movie. Participants will sing "My Happy Place" — the show's theme song.

Most of the Dog River Days events are free of charge. A few will require admission tickets, such as the Chili Cheese-Dog Eating Competition.

Stars of the movie and series will be taking part in many of the activities, including Brent Butt and Fred Ewanuick.

Butt told CBC News that he is not contemplating any follow up Corner Gas movies.

"I don't want to be recreating and going through the same thing over and over," Butt said. "It's too special for me to allow Corner Gas to get to a place where people are going, 'Oh why are they still doing that? That's old and sad and weird isn't it?'"

Silver said Dog River Days will be an ideal way to salute the show and bid farewell to the cast and crew.

"I think it's a good way for everyone to get together and have one last hurrah," Silver said.