Coco, warm and safe at Prince Albert SPCA

Coco was found tied to a fence at the SPCA in Prince Albert. A note said the person in charge couldn't take care of her any longer. (Ryan Pilon/CBC)

Workers at the SPCA in Prince Albert, Sask., came to work Thursday morning to find a puppy tied to a tree in -30C weather.

The dog was left with a note saying the owners could no longer care for seven-month-old "Coco".

Leanne Roberts, director of operations at the animal shelter in Prince Albert, says she found Coco shifting her paws in a vain attempt to stay warm. It's not known how long the dog was out there.

"Not even a blanket or anything to get her off of the snow," Roberts said. 

The dog wasn't seriously hurt and is now inside the animal shelter.

She's probably wondering where in the heck her mom and dad are, and how they could have just left her tied to the fence like that," Roberts said.

"But her tail is wagging and she was very happy to have a few treats."

The SPCA often finds animals left outside.

There is a fee to surrender a dog, but the shelter says it will waive the fee when needed.