A Saskatchewan dog who lost his hind legs after being found frozen in a patch of ground is back on all fours today.

Regina's Lakewood Animal Hospital recently posted an update on the health of Hector, born to a stray in La Loche in January 2013.

Hector and his new legs

Hector lost his hind legs after he was found frozen to the ground in La Loche, Sask., but he's back on all fours after getting prosthetic legs. (Lakewood Animal Hospital/Facebook)

However, it was not a happy introduction to the world — the puppy was found frozen to the ground and as a result his hind legs and tail had to be amputated.

The pup was adopted by Lisa Korol and her family. She said they learned the pup was born to a stray dog who gave birth in –40 C weather.

"His tail and his feet were already frozen to the ground and so they stuck," Korol said.

Soon, the Korol family approached the animal hospital about getting Hector some prosthetic legs.

The hospital obtained the artificial legs but after problems with fit and comfort were discovered, a company was enlisted to come up with a new design.

This time, the artificial legs were a success.

"He's like any other dog now," Korol said. "He runs, plays."

She noted the young dog is not fazed by the cold weather. "He loves the snow," she said.

Getting Hector mobile did take some time and money, so a steak-dinner fundraiser was held to help with the bills. Local businesses also contributed. The newest legs cost $3,800 and were fitted after arriving from British Columbia a week ago.

Hector is now back on his paws. After word of his story got around he was invited to visit patients at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina, where he was a big hit.

"He makes people smile, he makes people happy," Korol said. "If you're having a bad day, come see Hector."