The family of Marcus Haywahe wants to give the 10-year-old boy with cancer his one big wish — a trip to Disneyland.

Communities all over Saskatchewan are trying to help it happen. 

Haywahe, who lives in Carry The Kettle First Nation, Sask., had been to Disney World once through the Children's Wish Foundation. When his family thought his cancer had been removed, they started talking about Disneyland.

'Eventually the inevitable will happen.' - Laurie Delorme

In December, the family got the news that his cancer had returned more aggressively, with three brain tumours and two along his spinal cord. That's when they decided to plan the trip while they still could. 

As Haywahe's grandmother, Laurie Delorme, puts it, "Eventually the inevitable will happen." But she wants to make sure her grandson has the happiest life he can have before then. His body has already started to stiffen up, and the doctor predicts he will soon be in a wheelchair. 

Delorme figures she needs $15,000 to send the whole family to Disneyland and when others got word of the mission, they started fundraising. 

The school principal where Haywahe attends and where Delorme works is calling on the boy's fellow classmates to chip in. In a Facebook video, she promised to shave her head if enough was raised.

Please feel free to share. Count your blessing as I do every day....󾬖󾬖󾬖󾬖󾬖 306 727-2205 to donate or personal message me.

Posted by Wanda Clare on  Thursday, 4 February 2016

Haywahe loved Disney World when he went and Delorme described him as "courageous," taking on the most thrilling rides. 

"It had a lot of rides, and my favourite one was space mountain," Haywahe said, adding that he was only a little scared. 

Delorme said the young boy still thinks about death, but she tries to keep his thoughts otherwise occupied. One morning Haywahe was standing by his locker, crying. When Delorme asked him why, he said, "I don't want to go."

"It's like every day is new for him," she said.

Haywahe has lots to look forward to in his life. He has lots of friends and is looking forward to Valentine's Day. Delorme said they take him shopping most days so he can pick what he wants to eat. 

The family has also started a Go Fund Me page called Marcus' Second Fight. Delorme said anyone who wants to donate can also contact the school at 1-306-727-2205. Donations have already poured in from across Saskatchewan.