A Regina developer is hoping the city will approve a request to change a name for a new commercial area of the city from 'Dethridge', concerned about the potential negative associations with the name.

"We are concerned as to the negative comments and reaction that we have received by this name for a commercial property," a letter from Trif Holdings to the city's urban planning division, says.

Currently, Dethridge Bay is a road in concept only as the actual subdivision, in the city's north east, has yet to be built.

The developer is hoping to put up building suitable for industrial tenants. As an alternative, the developer is suggesting Longmore Bay.

A senior planner for Regina, Ben Mario, told CBC News officials were aware of the request.

"As we understand, they have some problems with the name Dethridge, and basically they feel that it might not be good for business," Mario said. "They mean no disrespect to the person that it's named after."


Stanley and Eva Dethridge were buried in Regina. (findagrave.com)

The Dethridge family was prominent in Regina for decades. Specifically, the street was named for Stanley G. Dethridge, who in 1908 became the city's chief engineer for a power plant at Broad and Dewdney and was with the city for a total of almost 30 years.

The name is one of dozens approved for use as a street name after going through a vetting process.

Members of city council will review the request for a change at a committee meeting set for Wednesday.

"In this case, it hasn't been dedicated yet," Mario noted, indicating the name is not currently associated with any properties. "So, it's very preliminary in the process."

Ultimately, Mario said, the decision on the name rests with city council.