Kevin and Tammy Goforth are the next witnesses at their own murder trial. Tammy will be the first to take the stand Friday. 

The Regina couple has been charged with second-degree murder of a four-year-old girl in 2012 and of causing bodily harm to her younger sister.

Thursday included testimony from two teenage boys who lived at the Goforth home, explaining what they saw of the young girls.

Disruption in the courtroom Thursday

There was a disruption in the courtroom Thursday morning, on the ninth day of the trial.

The defence had just begun examining its first witness — a teenage boy who lived at the home of Kevin and Tammy Goforth — when yelling broke out.

Two people were then removed by court security.

The outburst came just a few questions into the boy's testimony. A man screamed expletives and names at the two accused and their family members.

"Your f--king family killed them," he yelled before security escorted him and a woman out of the room.

The testimony continued with two teenaged boys, who lived in the Goforth house, taking the stand.

One teenage boy described the two girls as "quiet, soft-spoken, kind of shy," and said they seemed "uneasy" around visitors.

The boy said "she seemed fine" in regards to the two-year-old, on the same night the older sister was taken to hospital. "She seemed not really more quiet than usual, but she seemed a little scared."

Previous testimony from police, who found the two-year-old that night and took her to hospital, said she was non-responsive when they arrived.

Earlier in the trial an autopsy specialist said he thinks the older girl was possibly bound with tape. On Thursday both boys said they remember Tammy Goforth taping mittens onto one or both of the girls' hands to prevent them from scratching and hurting themselves.

Girls in Goforth's care before 4-year-old died

The two-year-old and four-year-old were in the couple's care before the four-year-old was hospitalized and died. Court has heard the older girl was malnourished and dehydrated before she went into cardiac arrest. 

The girl was taken off life support on Aug. 2, 2012.

The man who performed her autopsy, Dr. Shawn Ladham, took the stand as the final Crown witness Wednesday. 

Ladham testified he believed some of the injuries around her wrists and legs could have been caused by being bound together with tape. 

It's not known if either of the Goforth's will be called as defence witnesses. 

The trial before Queen's Bench Justice Ellen Gunn and a jury of 14 (only 12 will deliberate on the case) started Jan. 18 and is expected to continue up to another week.