A Regina police officer investigates after a dead man was found in a south Regina park Sunday. ((Dani Mario/CBC))

A man's body was discovered Sunday by a passerby walking through a south Regina park.

Craig Chamberlin said he was walking through Plainsview Park when he made the startling find.

"We walk in this park everyday and I just noticed something in the snow. Saw it was a body, a person," he said.

Chamberlin said he ran to a nearby home where a doctor he knows lives. The two came back to the scene to see if the man was dead and called 911.

"He was lying face up in the snow. Light skinned. Wasn't heavily clothed," he said.

"It appears he walked across the park.… He looked like a white, elderly male. Poorly clothed. My assumption was [that he was] homeless when I saw him," Chamberlin said.

Several police officers and the coroner were on scene to investigate how the man died.

A Regina police watch commander told CBC News the preliminary investigation appeared to show the man died of natural causes. No other information was provided.