It's not a pretty sight, but dead fish emerging on the shores of Regina's Wascana Lake is a sign of spring.

The Wascana Centre Authority in Regina said it is a common occurrence. However, it also said there are more dead fish now than in past years because of how the lake froze this year. 
Wascana Centre Authority CEO, Bernadette McIntyre, said the park will clean up the carcasses on the shoreline if they become a public safety issue.

"It is the circle of life," McIntyre said. "You'll see the gulls and if the pelicans were back, they'd be eating them, too. So it's nature. We're a park and we don't interfere with nature, unless it's causing harm in some way."

McIntyre said most of the fish will continue downstream. 

"Ninety-plus per cent of the fish is common carp, which is harmful to the lake, so this is again very positive," McIntyre said. "Mother Nature's helped look after us."