Curt Dagenais's lawyer has filed an appeal of his convictions for murdering two RCMP officers, saying the trial judge erred by failing to put a defence of provocation to the jury.

Following through on what Dagenais told CBC News 10 days ago he would do, defence lawyer Bill Roe submitted the necessary documents Monday to begin the appeal.

Dagenais was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder on March 12 in the shooting deaths of constables Marc Bourdages and Robin Cameron, as well as the attempted murder of Const. Michelle Knopp.

The appeal document also said the verdict is unreasonable and can't be supported by the evidence. It says that the judge made a mistake when he imposed a life sentence on the attempted murder conviction.

During his trial, Dagenais admitted he shot the RCMP constables in 2006, but he said it was in self-defence.

With files from The Canadian Press