Cyclists race on snowy Wascana Lake

A group of 25 cyclists participated in Regina's Wascana IceCycle Saturday, maneuvering through a snowy course on the lake.
A group of enthusiastic bikers showed off their skills at the IceCycle race on Wascana Lake. (CBC )

It's not the usual weather for a bike race, but that didn't stop some cyclists in Regina Saturday.

A group of 25 people braved the cold and blowing snow to take part in the Wascana IceCycle.

The annual winter bike race is known for a winding course created right on Wascana Lake.

Josh Kessler, president of the South Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Club, said the event gives people who cycle throughout the winter a chance to show off their skills — navigating through snow and ice.

"Yeah it's really exciting to have a race in the off season," said Kessler. "Or just to do anything on our bikes. A lot of us don't get to go out on our bikes, so having an event like this gets all the different communities to come out and try."

Kessler said  the cyclists put studded tires on their bikes and wear many layers to stay warm.

Cyclists rode through a winding, icy course built right on the lake. (CBC )