Fears were calmed and people flocked to the KFC in Weyburn, Sask., after rumours circled that it was closing.

'Like a customer told me yesterday, it's a hidden treasure.' - Larie Semen

People across the province and Canada expressed their fear over such rumours. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall went on Twitter to call for the buffet to not be shut down. Health Minister Dustin Duncan had planned to attend the sit-in to show support for the buffet staying open.

The company has since confirmed that while KFC buffets around the world have been closing, there are no plans to close the one in Weyburn. 

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"It's great news for us," said Larie Semen, the area coach for DJ's, which owns the franchise. Semen explained that they had been told upgrades may not include keeping the buffet. Business people were coming from Toronto to view the restaurant, and he wanted to show them how much support there was in the community for the buffet.

"It's unique," he said. "Like a customer told me yesterday, it's a hidden treasure. And that means a lot to me that we have the passion about the buffet here."

kfc weyburn

The buffet at Weyburn's KFC has been popular for years. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)

Semen said people come from across the province to eat at the buffet. It was the first KFC buffet in Canada in 1988.

Gordon Stewart from Ogema, Sask., was there eating on Wednesday. It was his second time there in a week.

"This is where I usually come," he said. He also had some advice for anyone thinking of closing it.

"I think they better think it over really seriously."

The news of the KFC staying opened was followed by a packed house on Wednesday, which also happened to be Senior's Discount Day. Semen said the restaurant is usually that full over the lunch hour.

kfc weyburn

People enjoy their meals at the KFC in Weyburn, Sask. (Brian Rodgers/CBC)