In 2005, about 600 people were evacuated from Cumberland House and the Cumberland House Cree Nation to escape rising floodwaters. (CBC)

Evacuations have begun from the Village of Cumberland House and the Cumberland House Cree Nation, in anticipation of rising floodwater coming into the province from Alberta.

Close to 2,200 people will be leaving their homes in the two northern communities, which declared states of emergency on Saturday.

The communities are downstream from the confluence of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers.

The water flow in the Saskatchewan river is expected to jump from about 600 cubic metres per second to more than 3,000 cubic metres per second by next week, which could cause an unprecedented level of flooding, said Cumberland House Mayor Valerie Deschambeault.

In 2005, about 600 people were forced to leave their homes when an influx of 2,500 cubic metres per second flooded Highway 123, the main access road to Cumberland House.

"So with 3,000 [cubic] metres coming on the 27th our only road in is going to be washed out," said Deschambeault.

The evacuees are being driven to Nipawin, where a bus will take most of them to Prince Albert.

The Ministry of Social Services is working to set up 600 beds at hotels and the SIAST Woodland campus there. 

"We try to keep those folks as close to their community as possible because typically there is more support with friends and families," said Linda Korney, a planning officer for the Ministry of Social Services.

Korney said once those accommodations are full, remaining evacuees could be taken to Saskatoon and Regina. They could be away from home for several weeks as water levels subside.

Some residents will stay behind to sandbag and try to protect important infrastructure.

Cumberland House is about 300 kilometres northeast of Prince Albert.