A settlement agreement for minors who had water contaminated with cryptosporidium in North Battleford, Sask., 15 years ago has been given preliminary approval.  

Thousands of people got sick in March and April 2001 when the parasite, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting, was found in the city's drinking water. 

In 2003, 700 people were paid compensation from a pool of $3.2 million depending how sick they had been.

The newest settlement applies to those in an "infant class", people who were under 18 when they got sick. The agreement still needs final approval from the courts on Dec. 1. 

After that, anyone seeking compensation will have 42 days to opt out of the class action lawsuit. If they don't by that deadline, they are deemed to have accepted the settlement. 

People wanting compensation will have until July 2017 to submit an application form and their medical history to the administrator, Bruneau Group law firm.  

The city of North Battleford, the province, and the Saskatchewan Water Corporation have agreed to pay up to $3.3 million total distributed to those who apply.  

"Depending on how long you were sick and if you hospitalized you get X amount of dollars," said Brad Jamieson, a lawyer representing some of the plaintiffs.  

Jamieson said the number of people seeking settlements will be finalized in July.