Crumbling infrastructure was the main complaint directed towards the province's politicians at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities convention Wednesday. Municipal leaders got a chance to grill cabinet ministers during the "Bear Pit" session.

Leaders made it clear they want the government to fix crumbling roads, sewers, and buildings.

"This is the same story that we keep repeating over and over and over," said Debra Button, SUMA's president. 

"Unfortutately the little bit of money, that has come to this province so far has been very lacking," 

Premier Brad Wall admitted infrastructure needs to be fixed, and he wants to use a P3 model — using a private company on public projects. He said a P3 model would speed up the process, and that the government's finances are too tight to only rely on a system that uses public dollars.

"My view is that if we choose the latter, if we choose the conventional way, it's going to take even longer, frankly, for us to close the infrastructure gap we've been working on since 2007," he said.

The federal government has promised a Canada-wide infrastructure program. The province is still waiting on details from Ottawa as to what that means for Saskatchewan.