A group of Regina youths keen to play recreational basketball have taken it upon themselves to fix up a crumbling court for their weekly game.

The youths were attracted to the Wednesday night games, on courts at Sheldon-Williams High School, thanks to a promotion by a Regina sports apparel store called Apartment 3B that specializes in athletic footwear.

'No one wants to play on dirty courts.' - David Put

However, the players quickly discovered the Sheldon-Williams courts were in rough shape. There was broken glass, garbage, overgrown foliage and ragged nets on the hoops.

Rather than give up on the weekly game, the youths sprang into action.

"No one wants to play on dirty courts," David Put,14, told CBC News. "So, with us cleaning them up means more people will come out. And it's just great to see other people helping and playing basketball and having a good time."

david put

David Put and a group of youths began cleaning up the basketball courts at Sheldon-Williams two weeks ago. (CBC)

Riley Sisco, store manager at Apartment 3B, said he is proud of what the youngsters have accomplished.

"[They were] taping lines and painting lines on the court and kind of breathing life back into this space that was ignored for the longest time," he said.

The players hope others in the area will appreciate the spruced up condition of the courts and join the games.

They said they plan to do more work on fixing the courts and pledge to keep them maintained through the summer.

With files from CBC's Rikkeal Bohmann