Police are investigating after thieves took off with historical church items in Edenwold, Sask. (Courtesy RCMP)

Church officials in Edenwold, Sask. are looking for answers after someone broke into the building and stole historical items including a brass crucifix, a silver chalice and baptismal font.

The RCMP investigated and said the culprit, or possibly culprits, got inside the St. John's Lutheran Church by prying open a side entrance between Feb. 2 and 9. 

The items taken from the building are of historical significance to the church; some had been in the community for more than 100 years. 

Many of the items taken from the church are of historical significance to the church and would have little value outside of their use.

Items that were taken during the theft include the following:

  • Baptismal font (small basin) made of 1/4-inch cut oak
  • Brass candle holders
  • Brass crucifix
  • Hymn board, 1/4-inch cut oak
  • Silver chalice
  • Various hymn books and bibles 
  • Numerous altar clothes and candles

Edenwold is located about 45 kilometres northeast of Regina. 

The RCMP is asking anyone with information about the theft to contact the White Butte detachment or call Crime Stoppers at at 1-800-222-8477.