Saskatoon singer Alexis Normand had help from the crowd at the Memorial Cup game Saturday night after she forgot the words to the American national anthem.

Normand said she felt confident before going out on the ice, even though she had only learned she was performing that morning.

She said she was embarrassed when she realized soon after the second line she had forgotten the words.

"I was like, well, I'm here, I've got to finish it," said Normand. "I'm so thankful that the crowd responded very well"

After some "boos" and "laughs," fans at the Credit Union Centre joined in to help Normand get through The Star-Spangled Banner.

She later took to Twitter to apologize for forgetting the words, and to thank the crowd for helping.

"Clearly there's lots of buzz around it," said Normand. "I'm really touched by people, just random people I don't know, different Americans or whatever, just supporting me. They're like, 'Hey, it's a mistake. Stuff happens, and it's ok.'"

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