While some farmers have suffered significant storm damage recently, the latest report for Saskatchewan shows the development of most crops is proceeding well.

"Warm weather continues to help advance both crop development and haying progress," the crop report, issued Thursday, notes.

For livestock producers who rely on hay, 93 per cent of the provincial hay crop is rated as good to excellent in quality.

As well, around two thirds of fall and spring cereals are considered to be at a normal stage of development for this time of the year.

It was a similar story for oilseeds crops.

"Most parts of the province received varying amounts of rain last week, ranging from trace amounts to 72 mm with a provincial average of 16 mm," the report said. "Flooding, hail and wind caused significant damage in some areas.  Insects and diseases also contributed to crop damage."

Grant McLean, a crop management specialist for the province's Ministry of Agriculture, said the general outlook was positive.

"I think everybody's quite pleased with the crop progress particularly considering the late start that we had," McLean told CBC News. "I think the crops are looking very good."

Evan Dugdale grows canola, durum and lentils near Pense, west of Regina.

"We're right on time," Dugdale said Thursday. "We should be looking to harvest here in just over a month."


With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil