A truck that had been stuck in the ice for days at Last Mountain Lake near Regina Beach was slowly carved out on Tuesday.

Regina beach last mountain lake truck ice

Crews work to remove a truck stuck in the ice on a Last Mountain Lake near Regina Beach. (Adam Hunter/CBC)

On Saturday night, a truck broke through the ice at Regina Beach, sinking into water nearly up to its door handles.

The driver was heading to an ice fishing tournament on the lake when the vehicle broke through. The truck eventually froze solidly into the ice.

Three days later, TRK Towing took on the dangerous task of getting it out.

Shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday, TRK posted on Facebook saying the job had been completed.

SGI said submerged vehicle auto claims are covered by insurance.

"The recovery of the vehicle from the water is coordinated by SGI because the cost of removing the vehicle is part of the claim," an SGI spokesperson told CBC.

Each claim on a case-by-case basis, SGI said, but a submerged vehicle such as this one would likely be a total loss.