Another northern Saskatchewan town is showing interest in storing nuclear waste.

The town of Creighton, which is just west of the border with Manitoba, recently sent a delegation to meet with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, which is looking for a site to store Canada's used nuclear fuel.

Mayor Bruce Fidler said it's just information-gathering right now, but the jobs would be welcome in the town, which has about 1,500 residents.

"For years, we've been trying to investigate and entice other industries to move up to the area," he said.

Meanwhile, the waste organization is checking on the suitability of two other Saskatchewan sites: Pinehouse and the English River First Nation.

NWMO is looking for a community to store used nuclear fuel, but a spokesman for the organization, Michael Krizanc, said it's in no hurry to select a site.

"There is no urgency to move the used nuclear fuel now, it has to be done safely, and if it's to be done safely, it has to be not only technically safe, but it has to be safe from the perspective of the community," he said.