The Craven Country Jamboree has increased its security in the beer gardens after several inquiries were made about supervision at the mix table.

"We do have security in that area, and we have discussed with SLGA (Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority) to create a new plan to ensure that that particular area isn't left alone at all," said Kim Blevins, Craven Country Jamboree organizer, on Saturday.

Earlier this week, CBC received reports from Craven campers that the alcohol at the beer gardens was being supervised, but the the mix table was not.

The mix table is where pop and juice is available to dilute alcoholic drinks bought at the beer gardens.

Craven mix table 2

Craven campers said they were worried after noticing the alcohol area was supervised but the mix table was not. (Lauren Golosky/CBC)

Campers were worried that if left unattended the beverages were an easy target for someone to tamper with.

Zane Morin is camping at the festival. He said he was at the beer gardens Friday night and saw the mix table was unmanned.

"I saw them around the booze area, but I didn't see anyone around the mix area," said Morin.

Blevins said there should be no issue now that SLGA has contacted Craven about the complaints.

"I think what happened is somebody left for a second for a certain reason and then came back. So we have addressed it —it's all good— and there should be no issues from here on in," said Blevins.

The SLGA said when it grants a license to a vendor to serve alcohol, there are no rules or regulations around the mix that is served.

"We leave that sort of regulation and control up to the permittee, the event organizer, to ensure that the mix that they are offering meets the needs of their customers or their clients and that it is being served appropriately," said David Morris, spokesperson, SLGA.